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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Late Night Gossip

Another experiment. After a couple of artworks and brushes, I have returned to music and came up with these tracks.

"Maayo Nga Buntag", in Bisaya, means "a morning that is good" or "good morning". Yes. That is it.

The second track here contains samples taken from the same source as that of my previous experiment "Like...Wala Lang". Wala pa gyud ko ka-"get over". Haha. No, it's not like that. It is just that I think the samples are fun. Haha.

"I'm Not A DJ" is very self-explanatory. I am just simply not a DJ. Please.

The title "My Anger Is Super" is taken from a sample that may be heard in "Late Night Gossip". The girl there said, "...my anger is super...".

Well, that is all.

Track List:
01. Maayo Nga Buntag - 02:34
02. Late Night Gossip - 03:34
03. I'm Not A DJ - 03:24
04. My Anger Is Super - 03:46

The songs can be heard at the following sites:

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