I crise des nerfs: Perdre

Monday, May 12, 2008


I recently got this new sequencer that claims that it is a Virtual Music Studio. I gave it a try and found out that it is a little bit topsy-turvy and...just different. It doesn't exactly feel like it's a Virtual Music Studio. It is a little bit difficult to navigate and it doesn't have the ability to export to mp3. Hence, I have to load up the finished tracks in my audio editor and added a couple of final effects and editing before exporting to mp3. The only consolation for the sequencer was it's content and samples, which are rather very good. Well, here are the tracks that I came up with using the sequencer.

Track List:
01. Bouger - 04:01
02. Bruit - 04:08
03. Erreur - 03:52
04. Je Deviens Folle - 03:12
05. Perdre - 03:23

The songs may be heard at the following sites:

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