I crise des nerfs: January 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hello! Mic test (icles). Nyahaha! It has already been a year since Calayo Og 2big, my first mp3 experiment. Now, I'd like to share a new experiment, Jakolateur.

I made Jakolateur on the Christmas of 2008, when I went home to Bukidnon for the Holidays. It contains four humble mp3 tracks made in roughly 10 days. My favorite among the tracks is 'Pauli' and 'Dirt Road', which I hope would make clear to everyone that I am not a DJ. Yes, I am not a DJ, please lang po. 'Pauli' is a little story about what I felt when I was on my way home last Christmas Holidays.

The tracks are:

Track List:
01. Jakolateur I - 02:16
02. Jakolateur II - 02:30
03. Pauli - 01:53
04. Dirt Road - 02:21

The songs may be heard at the following sites:

Boying Opaw