I crise des nerfs: Thor Jack

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thor Jack

I got a chance to create yet another of my so-called mp3 experiments when I went home to Bukidnon last September 5 to 13. I was using a stand-alone audio workstation on a laptop and the only monitors that I was using were the laptop speakers, not a brilliant idea. The laptop speakers do not respond accurately to bass frequencies. Hence, when I listened to the final track on other speakers, the sound was muddied up. Shortcut: crappy.

Sometimes, I meet people whom I get to talk and chat and be familiar with until they suddenly just disappear when they get to see some things that I wish they could not see at all but have entirely no choice but to show them. Then I end of wondering if I’m sorry that they faded away or if I’m sorry that I knew them at all.

I would like to devote this track to all of them who just disappeared without a word...without a trace...without a sound. It is okay, guys. When I do not like what I see, I disappear, too. You could have just told me that it was all just “Thor Jack” though.

The track may be heard at Virb (http://virb.com/boying).

See "Behind the Sounds" screenshot at deviantArt.

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