I crise des nerfs: Seven [the 15th Study on Fractals]

Friday, October 30, 2009

Seven [the 15th Study on Fractals]

seven days
seven rounds
seven palms
seven suicides
seven walks
seven valleys
seven hills
seven seas
seven islands
seven worlds
seven acts
seven sins
seven sorrows
seven joys
seven gifts
seven promises
seven blessings
seven sacraments
seven churches
seven last words
seven books
seven rings
seven seals
seven plagues
seven vials
seven glyphs
seven thunders
seven fires
seven stars
seven ranks
seven mothers
seven sisters
seven sons
seven teachers
seven monsters
seven sages
seven spirits
seven angels
seven gods
seven terraces
seven steps
seven gates
seven doors
seven hells
seven heavens
seven earths
seven lives

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the geek said...

funny..i always consider 7 to be my lucky number...

thnak you for following.