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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Skin Ed

It’s the 12th of January again, a special day for me. Two years ago, I have released my very first of these so-called conceptions on this very same day. Now, drawing inspiration from my favorite musicians, I will yet again release another of these creations and will call it ‘Skin Ed’.

The album contains 5 tracks that I made in about one week when I went home for the holidays last month.

‘Skin Ed’ is a made-up name that I took from skinhead. I got the idea from when someone has a stuffy nose and tries to say ‘head’ but won’t be able to pronounce the ‘h’.

‘Ang Sayaw sa Engkanto’ (Fairie Dance) is about letting go of pretenses and setting one’s self free. It is about closing one’s eyes and leaping into the infinite unknown.

‘Que Alamero’ is about people who feed on gossip and pretend that they give a damn when what they really do is just be nosy, to those who just find it so difficult to be happy for others.

‘Fight No More’ is my heartfelt ode to peace. It is me standing in the middle of the street, holding a ‘Stop the Killing’ placard in one hand, and screaming ‘Fight No More’ through a megaphone held on the other hand.

The tracks may be heard (and downloaded) at my page in Virb.com (http://www.virb.com/boying).

Track list:

1. Skin Ed – 02:18
2. Ang Sayaw sa Engkanto (Faerie Dance) – 03:20
3. Que Alamero - 02:18
4. Skin Ed (Stupid Head Edit) – 01:29
5. Fight No More – 02:15

Boying Opaw


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