I crise des nerfs: EB

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Equipped with only two drum machines and two monophonic synthesizers, I came up with this most recent experiment with sound. Unlike my previous so-called experiments, which made use of more complex virtual instruments and effects, these tracks were made with only the virtual instruments mentioned. Sticking to the modest idea of this experiment, I even used MS Paint for the cover, instead of Photoshop.

The tracks may be heard at (and downloaded from) my page in Virb.com (http://www.virb.com/boying).

Alternatively, I also have a page in facebook: (Boying Opaw).

Track list:

1. EB – 02:54
2. Game Slave – 02:56
3. Yotero - 03:26
4. Del Sur - 02:11

-- Boying Opaw

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