I crise des nerfs: Salakyan [the 17th Study on Fractals]

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Salakyan [the 17th Study on Fractals]

The objective is to attempt fit an image into a 400px by 300px canvas without overcrowding detail and information.

All passengers going to Coganama, please board Transport Number BXA-0503 now. Transport is allocated to Check-in Platform 05, Area J01 of Sector Three. Departure is in 30 minutes.

Cargo Transport Number G-01121986 has just arrived from Naboli Springs. All personnel assigned to Transport Entry please stand by. Transport will dock at Platform 01, Area X09 of Sector One.

Sectors Five and Nine are temporarily closed for operations due to emergency maintenance activities. Please refer to information displays and assistance consoles for updated platform assignments. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Attention Terra Level personnel stationed at Platform 22, Area A11 of Sector Four. Transport Number NXT-99 is initiating exit sequence. Kindly clear Terra Level.

Transport Number ALN-16211 going to Zaawea is currently on hold. Latest Recon reports weather condition in Cistranio Desert still unfavorable for travel.

All passengers, please be reminded that the Thasqi Transport Terminal will be closed on the afternoon of December 24 and the whole day of December 25. Operations will resume on the 26th. Please be guided.

Cargo Transport Number ZX-01 from Carsiki Alps has suffered severe damage and is currently stranded in the Djinae Deserts. Repair and Maintenance Teams are now en route. Our apologies for the delay.

Waste receptacles are located all over the terminal. We would like to remind our passengers to kindly dispose garbage properly. Let us help save the planet for the future and for our children.

If this journey is a sentence, a paragraph or a piece of literature, how would you end it? With a period? An exclamation point? A question mark? An ellipsis?

-- Boying Opaw

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